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Nettle and Green Clay Soap

Nettle and Green Clay Soap

One of the most amazing weed growing in our gardens,in the woods and the most unwanted one to get close is nettle. It is one of the most nutritious plant ever. We grow our own nettle in our garden,harvest (with gloves!),dry and infuse in olive oil for 3-5 weeks before we add to our mixture. 

It has a creamy lather with lots of bubbles and smells amazing. Fresh,uplifting and dreamy! Enriched with the mineral rich green clay which is detoxifying.


This soap bar can be used for washing your hands,body and face. 




Olive oil: Highly moisturising and hydrating, highly penetrable, does not clog pores

Coconut oil: Moisturising, in saponified products it also helps increase lather

Cocoa Butter:Adds hardness creamy lather to soaps.

Shea butter: Highly nourishing and moisturising, perfect for extremely dry skin

Castor oil: High in fatty acids

Apricot Kernel Oil: Nourishing, particularly good for all skin types.

Pink Clay:Detoxifying,is rich in Silica, which may help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal, resulting in supple, younger-looking skin. Gently exfoliating and light on the skin

Glycerin: Naturally occurring in soap, as it is a byproduct of saponification, it has great moisturising properties


5% superfat: 5% of the oils contained in this soap are unsaponified, making it much more moisturising than standard commercial soap


Please keep this soap on a soap dish and let it dry evenly to make it last longer.




Sodium Olivate(Olive Oil),Sodium Cocoate(Coconut Oil),Sodium Cocoa Butterate(Cocoa Butter),Sodium Shea Butterate(Shea Butter),Sodium Apricot Kernelate(Apricot Kernel Oil)

Sodium Castorate(Castor Oil),Illite(Green French Clay),Citrus Aurantifolia(Lime Essential Oil),Citrus Aurantium Bergamia(Bergamot Essential Oil),Litsea Cubeba(May Chung),Urtica Dioica(Dried Nettle),Spirulina Pletensis Powder.


Additional Information:


Weight: ~85g

Electricity: This product was made using 100% renewable energy.

Packaging:  Recyclable and/or compostable.

I am 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.


Please note that because this product is handmade, therefore, slight variations in shape, colour, scent and weight may occur.But we like that every soap is unique and cut by hand.





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