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Cherry Tree Naturals was born in a small cottage in a village in Warwickshire after years of love for natural beauty.


Organic skin care products, health and well being have always been a passion.

From an early age I was introduced to a sustainable lifestyle following the beliefs of my parents. My lovely mum who herself a very talented, creative woman cherishes a bar of soap that was given to her by her grandmother 50 years ago which I still hold dear to my heart. Just the smell of this soap still evokes memories of my childhood.

This inspired me to step into the world of handmade skincare products and soap making.

I love nature and what it offers us.I am passionate about making products using only the best,organic and ethical ingredients. To ensure high quality I grow the majority of the herbs and flowers (pesticide free) used in my recipes, and source the rest from suppliers who align with my ethics.

All of our products are hand-made, natural and cruelty free. They contain no parabens, sls, artificial colours or fragrances. They are scented with beautiful and beneficial Essential Oils.

All our packaging is plastic free,recycled,recyclable or can be reused. 


I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do.

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