Lip Balm


We have lovely nourishing,moisturising and protecting lip balms. You can choose from 3 scents. Orange,Peppermint and Lemon and Lime. We left one unscented (no essential oils) but it has the delicious smell of Organic Raw Cocoa Butter!

Organic Solid Lotion Bar


You will fall in love with our Solid Lotion Bar. Made with carefully selected organic butters and organic seed oils to make your skin hydrated, moisturised and protected.We wanted to stand out from the rest and created something very special with Calendula Extract and Camomile Extract. Both of these are organically grown in our cottage garden and extracted in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I love Hemp Seed Oil,it is an amazing oil for eczema and dermatitis. Oh and the luxuries Avocado Butter,it is dreamy!

Just rub it on damp skin and massage it to help the absorption, and remember that a little goes a long way!

All the Solid Lotion Bars are scented with Essential Oils so you get the therapeutic benefit from them too!

Bastille Soap


We use a Cold Process method to make our natural soap which requires a minimum of 4-6 weeks curing. However we don't wrap them up straight away as longer the curing time means a harder,long lasting soap.

Handmade soap requires a soap dish and they need to be dry between washes. Our sustainable bamboo soap dish keeps your bar of soap dry and last longer. 

Our soap is hand cut, and made in small batches for best quality using fair trade oils and butters and oil infusions.

Cleansing with commercial soap bars can strip of its natural moisture and cause sensitive skin to feel dry. The restorative properties of organic oils and butters help protect the skin's natural ph-balance and moisture,leaving your skin feeling nourished and soft.

We are proud to be sustainable and grow all the herbs and flowers used in making soap.

Nourishing Soap 


You will fall in love with our new soap line. Made with at least 6 different kinds of luxuries oils and butters. Coloured with botanicals and clays,scented with Essential Oils.We have 12 new soaps you can choose from

-Lavender and Geranium

-Pink Rose Clay

-Coconut and Cumbrian Blue Clay

-Coffee and Oat Milk

-Red Clay and Black Seed

-Nettle and Gren Clay

-Goats Milk,Kaolin Clay and Oatmeal

-Sea Breeze



-Elderflower and Lemon

-Avocado and Hemp Seed Oil

Botanical Solid Shampoo


Over a year of testing,tweaking ingredients we are delighted to have this addition to our conscious and eco friendly collection. Our Solid Shampoo Bars replace liquid shampoos in a bottle with the aim to reduce plastic waste and eliminate unnecessary harsh ingredients.

Our Shampoo Bars are crafted with naturally derived high quality ingredients and are free from sulphates,palm oil,silicones,synthetic colours and fragrances. 

They are cruelty free and Vegan

(Only tested on willing friends and family)

Botanical Hair Conditioning Bar


Everyone should add a conditioner bar to their haircare arsenal to reduce their beauty footprint. Cherry Tree Naturals Conditioning Bar has the most amazing ingredients. Naturally silicone rich Broccoli Seed Oil and Nettle Extract,deep conditioning Argan Oil,hair strengthening jojoba oil and keratin locking organic extra virgin olive oil.This conditioning bar is extremely economical and it prevents 5 plastic bottles from being made and disposed of and saves 5 litres of water.