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Sweet Dreams Mist

Sweet Dreams Mist

Sweet Dreams Mist is a deeply relaxing pillow spray with a blend of calming Lavender,soothing and uplifting Bergamot and relaxing Ylang Ylang.




Use the mist on your sleeping space,pillow,sheets and your duvet 2-3 minutes before you get in bed and inhale the beautiful blend of calming essential oils. 


Using aromatherapy pillow sprays regularly can cue our bodies and minds to associate a specific scent with sleep, therefore, training our bodies to naturally fall asleep.


-Paraben Free

-Synthetic fragrance free

-Sulfate Free

-Cruelty Free

- Natural



Aromatherapy benefits:


Lavender:is a well-known herb for its calming and relaxing properties. It helps to relax the mind and improve sleep quality. 


Bergamot:Bergamot essential oil, like other oils of the citrus family, has an uplifting scent that helps ease tensions. This oil is versatile since it can be used to both rejuvenate the mood while relaxing the mind. 


Ylan Ylang:is a potent relaxer.It has been used to relieve anxiety and as a sedative for more restful sleep.




Our Calming beautifully scented Mist will help you to dive into a slumber sleep.


It comes in cobalt blue 100ml bottle with an atomiser spray.

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